Absorption System

Absorption system is the first and the oldest cooling technology in the world. Having the cooling cycle, it is necessary to have two elements which absorbs both elements and needed to have a noble gas to pressurise.This pressured mixture would be ignited by a heating source therefore it provides the phase change and eventually provides the cooling.

As the heating source;

  1. 12/24-110/120-220/240 V
  2. LPG
  3. Kerosene

In the small systems like fridges, minibars and etc. generally ammoniac and water are in use as an element. As a noble gas, helium and hydrogen are the usable gas  groups.

The system provides cooling with heating therefore there is no any kind of engine inside. This means there is no noise and vibration free in absorption systems. Eventually this system is the most wanted product for the Hotels. hospitals and etc.

Neverthless, the heating sources like LPG and Kerosene provide to uses of coolers in non electric power atmospheres (camping - caravans).

We are able to produce both (electric & LPG) minibars.